Welcome to New Life Covenant Church

• Evangelism Training (2/17 & 2/18) 

We have an exciting new opportunity to learn how to evangelize more effectively. It is FREE and we will learn essential tools to evangelize to non-Christians, including Jehovah's witnesses, Mormons, Muslims, and others. It will be @ 7 PM on February 17 and @ 2 PM on February 18. 

• 40 Nights of Prayer (2/20-3/29)

Please join us for 40 nights of prayer beginning February 20 @ 7:30 PM. We will be meeting Monday-Thursday in the main sanctuary. 

• Organic Discipleship School

The first year of the Organic Discipleship School is now open for enrollment! This is for anyone who wants to obey the Great Commission of making disciples of all the nations. It costs $600/term (or $200/month). Scholarships are available to those who qualify. For more information, please contact Pastor Leo. The first day of class will be on Sunday, March 4 @ 2:30-8:30 PM. 

• Refreshment Sign-Up

If you have been attending our church and partaking our food for over 3 months, we ask you to serve in some capacity...either in bringing food, setting up/clean up (if finances are an issue, you can help with dishes and clean up). Please sign-up on the sign-up form that circulates during Sunday service.

• Children's Ministry Volunteers Needed

We need 2 volunteers each Sunday for Children's Ministry. The commitment is minimal and we welcome singles, moms and dads to serve our precious children. If interested, please sign-up on the dates you want to serve. 

NOTE: All new volunteers will be conducted to a background check.

• Pray & Financially Support Our Missionaries

Please partner with our in-house missionaries in prayer & finances.

Sung Cho—GX Tour in Korea (April) 

Joseph Park—YWAM Taiwan (March)

Timothy Lee—Children's DTS staff (Kona, HI) 

• Morning Prayer on Saturdays in the choir room @ 7 AM

We invite prayer warriors to our Saturday morning prayer. We are praying especially for those who are far from God. If interested, please contact Dennis Gilmer by clicking HERE.

• Ask the Pastor

You can anonymously submit questions that you may have that Pastor Joon and his pastoral care team will answer. Feel free to write your question(s) on the bulletin tear off section and drop off in one of the offering baskets during Sunday service.

• Let's pray for victory!

Please continue to pray for healing of our brother & sisters who are sick. 

Kevin Baek's father—stroke

Bob Romine—Alzheimer's

Rose Allivato—recovery from stroke

Sonya's father—back & leg

Scott Krall's sister-in-law—breast cancer

Patrick Son—hearing damage

Gina Choi—lung & brain cancer

Dan McDaniel—hip recovery