Our vision is to raise up children to become intimate, passionate, radical followers of christ. Here at new life's children ministry, we want to partner with the parents to help children grow in their love for jesus. As we create an environment that allows them to encounter the love of god through praise, worship, message and prayer, along with equipping the parents with the resources to help them become primary spiritual influencers at home, we hope that our children will grow to intimately, passionately and radically follow after jesus christ.  


Mustard seed (nursery): 2 years - 5 years

king's bunch (elementary): 1st grade - 5th grade


Mustard seeds - nursery

  9:30 am - family worship in main sanctuary

10:15 am - welcome into classroom

10:25 am - praise & worship

10:30 am - lesson & activity & free play

11:00 am - dismiss


King’s bunch - elementary

  9:30 am - family worship in main sanctuary

10:15 am - welcome into classroom

10:20 am - praise & worship


10:50 am - lesson & prayer

11:00 am - lunch/snack

11:30 am - enrichment/follow up activity

1:00 pm - dismiss

Partnering with parents

Raising up intimate, passionate and radical followers of christ will not be possible without the partnership of the parents and staff involved with children's ministry. Therefore, we want to partner with you in creating a space and place for the students to grow in their walk with jesus with the guidance of the parents. There will be parent meetings, communication and corporate praise and worship time where we can come together to raise our children up. 



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