children's ministry

Our children’s ministry is called Mustard Seeds because we want to partner with YOU, the parents, as you raise your children up, like a tiny seed, in the journey of faith. Here, children are divided up into different groups based on their ages. 

The groups we have are the following:

Nursery: 0-2  

Mustard Seeds: 2 -Grade school age.  

Our Commitment: 

Mustard Seeds is committed to families in two ways. First, we are committed to partner with parents with tools and resources to help them be the primary spiritual influencers in their homes. Second, we are committed to teaching God’s truth to kids through the Word, music, and activity groups. 

Our Environment: 

To be a safe and secure place where our children can learn what it means to follow Him. 

All volunteers and leaders are carefully screened and trained.

What you can expect?

9:30 -10:00 –Check-In & Worship with Parents

10:00–10:30 - Message

10:30-10:50 - Crafts/Games

10:50-11:00 –Clean Up & Free Time

11:00 - Dismissal and the parents pick up their children.

For more information, please contact Julie at 847)567-5551 or